Monday, September 13, 2010

Little Diva.

After a very long week we had a great night! This week we were able to hold Juliet almost every night for Kangaroo Care. It is an amazing concept that has proven to benefit babies and help with bonding for mommy and daddy. But this week was hard too. Juliet's little neighbor (another baby girl born at 26 weeks) passed away suddenly. She had never been as active as Juliet but in a lot of ways she did better. It made us realize how quickly things can change for these little ones. In a matter of hours you can go from stable to coding. It was a HUGE reality check and made our reality all to real. We pray for the family but know that we had the privileged of being near an angel for a couple of weeks that has now returned to her Heavenly Father. I can't help but to pray to him and ask for Juliet to spend a lifetime with us. I am not ready to let her go and I hope that it is never asked of me to do so.

Okay, so as far as the great night; it was so fun! She was in such a good mood tonight! She was active but calm. And she let us try on her little hat and dress her up. It was so fun to be able to feel like a mommy and do something normal. She has such a funny little personality. She blows bubbles, makes cute faces, and for over 10 minutes opened her eyes and looked around. She is so AWESOME!

I pray for the day we can bring her home and be under one roof as a family again. I pray that we are blessed to keep Juliet on earth for a lifetime.


  1. We are also praying for a speedy trip home! Let me clarify that, home to a cute little nursery and to be with her earthly family.

  2. I just found this new blog site. She is so beautiful!!!! (Just like her Mommy!) We keep her constantly in our prayers. We love you!